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Aug. 17 -- 23, 2006


The Lion (July 22 -- Aug. 22)

The sun, and therefore your strength, has returned to your sign. You also have the planets Venus, Mercury and Saturn at your side. This is a major turning point period for you. Although there are those in your world who disagree, you are probably on your true path if you move forward.

For All Signs Mercury is the busiest planet in the solar system this week. Its retrogradation through the month of July generated trouble in all our sets of cards. This week it is time to bring conclusion to whatever went awry in July. If it is not possible to return to where we were, we are probably ready now to scrap the debris and begin a new plan. Realistic is the byword here.

Aries Many things in your life are on pause right now. You are hearing the dreaded word, "wait" on too many fronts. The Rams are so often told to have patience and wait. As long as you cannot move forward, you might as well give attend to your physical body and get some additional exercise.

Taurus You have favorable aspects related to home, property and family matters. You may have a desire to improve the appearance of the environment around you, whether at home or at work. Remain alert to avoid falling into manipulative games with those around you.

Gemini There is so much on your platter that you may not be able to manage your normal obligations. Write notes to yourself and leave them everywhere. Pay strict attention to your body and your car, lest foggy thought lead you into a mishap.

Cancer You have several challenging aspects this week and they all come from the sign of Leo, so a Lion or someone of great pride may be in the picture. It appears that there is a conflict between what is planned and what is spontaneous. One of you wants to hang loose with plans, but others need something else.

Virgo Your mind is loaded with ideas and you may be keeping yourself awake with worrisome thoughts. You know how you tend to obsess. Break the obsessing cycle by doing, not thinking. If you can't do anything about an issue now, then do something else until you can.

Libra If money is an issue, leave credit cards at home. Better yet, don't go into dangerous stores to shop. You are prone to use your knack for the beautiful to help you avoid uncomfortable issues. Give wide berth to whatever your addictions may be. Most of us have them.

Scorpio If your income is flexible, this should be a positive week. Everyone will like who you are and how you look. Your upbeat attitude could cause you to spend money when you don't really need the item. If finances are an issue, leave the credit cards at home.

Sagittarius Your frame of mind is expansive. The big picture is as clear as a bell. Before you make significant commitments on your plans you must double check your facts and think things through carefully. The one with the big brush ideas tends to forget important details.

Capricorn Issues concerning intimacy, sexuality and joint resources continue to be in the forefront. It is possible you are managing the business finances for someone else. A new item of information comes your way now and helps to clarify the circumstances.

Aquarius You have been awaiting news from or concerning your partner and now is when it arrives. Hopefully, whatever you have feared will be set aside and you will have more facts than fantasy. Children require a lot from you these days. Eventually they grow up ... really, they do!

Pisces This is not the best month for the Fish to try to move forward. Everyone around you is caught up into one tangle or another. Do the best you can do to take care of yourself. Don't sink significant money or time into anything without double and triple checking.

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