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May 21-May 27, 2008



Gemini The Twins: (May 20 -- June 21)

There are symbols that suggest you are involved in a celebratory occasion or a vacation-like atmosphere. However, you have concerns about family members or property that nag you from the background. You know you will be happiest if you focus on the positive energies.

For All Signs: Mercury, the planet that "rules" communications and travel, turns retrograde on the 26th and will remain so until June 19. It symbolizes a universal slackening of pace and is best used as a time for introspection or to look backward at past experiences for advice. This particular Mercury retrograde will be especially hard on all computer-related activities.

Aries: This week brings a prime time to begin initiatives in the territories of romance, children, creativity, and/or play of any type. The probability is high that what you begin, others will accept and support. Your energy level is high and you can accomplish a great deal now.

Taurus: Circumstances involving love life and money may feel a bit tight. You may experience an emotional droop near the first of the week, in which you perceive yourself to be alone in the world. This is a temporary mood, so don't take it seriously.

Cancer: You may be more conscious than usual about existential matters related to life, death, and what is on "the other side" of normal, waking consciousness. Your belief systems are rearranging themselves.

Leo: This is a time in which you are realizing the harvest of a several month project. People perceive you as a leader in this field of endeavor. Leo always has a vision of the future, the next important step. So even as you bask in the sun, you are thinking about the next climb.

Virgo: This may feel like a heavy time. Your heart wants to make light and easy, go out and play. But your sense of responsibility keeps you on task. You know if you ignore what must be done that you probably couldn't really enjoy the play anyway.

Libra: Don't allow fear and pessimism to interfere with your pleasure in life. If something is nagging at you, take a clear and direct look at it. Is there really anything there, or have you invented your own worry? The blues may be your companion for a couple of days over the weekend, but the cloudy time is short.

Scorpio: This is a very good time to gather all the threads of your life together and begin a new plan. You know you have a need to change your direction in fairly dramatic ways, but the right answer is somewhat elusive. The timing of the present opens a pathway for you to begin, even if you do not know the eventual outcome.

Sagittarius: At this time you are ripe and ready for change, but you are not in a state of revolution. Now is the time when the right ideas and solutions may simply fall into your head. A different perspective will open the door.

Capricorn: The Goats live always with a strong internal critic. Sometimes it is louder than others and it rarely tells the whole truth. During this period you may be hearing a dark "tape" about your inability to organize your life according to someone else's standard. Take good care of your physical health now.

Aquarius: During this spring season, you are drawn to spend time in contemplation of Greater Truths. You may be redefining your personal values according to a new or expanded belief system. Questions that have plagued you for a long time are beginning to attract acceptable answers.

Pisces: This is a season in which new doorways are offered that can alter how you view the world. Association with organizations or with like-minded individuals will help you to find ways to apply your newfound perspectives to your daily life.

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