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Stargazer Horoscope

April 23 – April 29, 2008



Taurus The Bull: (April 20 -- May 19)

This is a time that will test the solidity of your relationships. Dormant or hidden tensions that are gnawing at the edges of any relationship are likely to become apparent now. Make an effort to recognize the difference between ego conflicts and genuine issues.

For All Signs: Astrology studies the patterns in the solar system to show us our future. Humankind stands on the threshold of a life-or-death choice. If we continue the hypnosis of our adolescent ways, the planet and humankind may be is doomed. However, if we make the choice to adopt mature attitudes and behaviors, the planet will be healed and thrive.

Aries: You have arrived at another turning point with respect to one or more significant relationships or ways of behaving. Think about where you started in Oct., 2006. It may have been a new relationship or a fresh creative venture. Now is a time of full maturity in this cycle. This is a time in which you gather the harvest of that which you planted.

Gemini: Aspects related to travel, the law, and education are challenging. It will be hard to get from one place to another. On the upside, you have an easy flow with friends, sexuality, and investments. Ideas that seem to fall into your head likely have merit, so give them attention.

Cancer: In the fall of 2006 a new cycle began concerning intimacy and how you show your love to others. At this point you can see the outcome clearly. You know what is working and what is not. It is possible you will feel a surge of libido at this time, to be used creatively in whatever way you wish.

Leo: A major project you will encounter before the end of this year concerns the financial picture. You want to invest in the future, in something of the new world. But your conservative side says to wait. This week you are seeing a glimpse of how this issue will develop. Nothing is required yet. Just notice.

Virgo: You continue to be in charmed territory and graced by numerous planetary aspects. Travel, legal and educational interests are favored. You are exploring new and expansive ways of thinking about your world.

Libra: Whether or not you were aware, in the fall of '06 you began a new study on the topic of: "What do I have to contribute in the world and what is its value?" Now is a time of full maturity of this cycle.

Scorpio: In the fall of 2006 you brought one relationship cycle to an end and made a vow to yourself not to repeat the errors again. You began at that time to move forward in your world seeking a new sense of self. Now you are 3⁄4 to completion and you can see the results of the new cycle. This is about your education, not the Other.

Sagittarius: You continue to be in the extravagant emotional zone. This could occur on multiple levels. It might show up as an investment you are itching to make. Or it could be that you are approached by assertive types who want to create a relationship quickly. Or you may feel compelled to purchase an expensive luxury item. Think carefully.

Capricorn: You may be encountering a flaw or two in contracts or promises that are already in motion. Perhaps it will require effort to insure that everyone is on the same page in terms of long range plans. Or there may be some legal detour. Whatever you encounter here, it is merely a nuisance and you will find a solution.

Aquarius: Be still and listen. Your Higher Self is calling you to step up to the plate. Spend some time in meditation. Concentrate upon becoming aware of the difference between your ego (desiring) self and the side of you that has a much greater awareness a purpose in life. Don't accept the answer that "excites" your ego. Go for the purest gold.

Pisces: Take every chance that comes your way to tune in to the Greater Collective. You have skills and talents to offer in your world that could help a great many people around you. It is time to accept that responsibility and find ways to present yourself as a available source of help.

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