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St. PaDDy's Day Shout-out

Charlotte goes green


A word of caution to this tale -- beware the little people. Leprechauns deserve all the respect you'd pay, say, Colin Farrell. Otherwise, enjoy! To those of you with an ounce of Irish blood, bottoms up! The national holiday celebrating everything Irish explodes onto the Charlotte scene with multiple entertainments to keep things lively between trips to the local pubs. It all starts at 11am on Saturday (sure, it's the day after the actual holiday) with the parade from the Charlotte Observer up Tryon to 9th Street led by Grand Marshall Moira Quinn. Then it's off to the "Charlotte Goes Green" Festival held in the parking lot at 3rd Street between Tryon and Church with traditional music, bagpipers, food, dance, drink and merriment. For more information, visit


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