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SPECIAL EVENT: Paranormal Investigators Convention

Friday, Nov. 6



Though some of us may be skeptical about the existence of ghosts, others are lurking with "evidence" to support the paranormal. The popular new horror flick Paranormal Activity gives folks a fictitious taste of the topic at hand, but to get even closer to the other side is hard work. During the Paranormal Investigators Convention, a three-day event which stops in Charlotte Nov. 6-8, a variety of seminars and workshops on paranormal activity and ghost-hunting will be led by a series of guest speakers and experts in the field. This includes celebrities like Steve Gonsalves, Dave Tango, and Tiffany Johnson of Ghosthunters, Keith Age of Spooked, Patrick Burns of Haunting Evidence, Tim and Trish Yancey of Encounters Paranormal Radio, and more. If you're serious about wanting to learn techniques in corresponding with the paranormal, this is definitely the route to take. Just don't get spooked if it all comes back to haunt you. Open to the public. For more information, call 803-593-0355 or visit Ramada Airport South and Conference Center, 212 West Woodlawn Rd. 704-525-8350.


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