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Sophia Matthews

Hip-hop artist/Raw foodie


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A do-good real-estate investor by day, Sophia Matthews becomes hip-hop artist Mad P by night. She's passionate about rawness not only in her lyrics but in her food; she recently started a local group for fellow raw foodies.

Matthews is the senior vice president of Queen City Home Buyers, a real estate company that buys houses from people facing foreclosure. "We have a high success rate doing short sales, where we have clients list their houses through their mortgage companies to reduce the cost of what they owe." Matthews feels good about her work, especially given the current housing crisis.

She got into hip-hop with hopes of returning it to its roots. "A group of 14 of us from Charlotte, Greensboro and South Carolina got together three years ago to do what hip-hop started as -- stories, the love of music, not shooting people and bling-bling." Along with some other rappers, Mad P is also trying to start an online marketing assistance program for aspiring artists.

Matthews began using the name Mad P after friends told her she reminded them of the X-Men character Madelyne Pryor.

Raw foods are Matthews' newest passion. "You get real nutritional value out of raw food. People with diseases like fibromyalgia have been cured by eating these kinds of foods." She started a Meetup online group for raw food lovers two months ago that now has over 50 members.


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