Sons of Tonatiuh, Grohg, Vex, Musket King

When: Fri., Aug. 10 2012

SONS OF TONATIUH, GROHG Atlanta’s Sons of Tonatiuh’s latest, Parade of Sorrow, is a fierce, angry southern metal document. Down-tuned guitars skuzz and crunch along, referencing the low crush of sludge born in Georgia and neighboring states (hey, like ours!). But there’s also a Northeastern, urban hardcore metal flavor to the push and aggression of the drums — which launch into frenetic breakbeats as often as they lag to a molasses crawl — not to mention the unhinged, screamed vocals. Grohg also does some testing of heavy-music boundaries. The Raleigh outfit, led by singing drummer Will Goodyear (ex-Between the Buried and Me), heads more in a crossover direction, with spacious, eccentric death metal that is also accessible and fun. Case in point — non-metalheads show up at the band’s hometown shows, yet the Culture of Petty Thieves EP has seen love from metal blogs. How’d they do that?

Corbie Hill

Price: $6

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