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CD Review: Will.I.Am



The Deal: Black Eyed Pea releases solo album.

The Good: teams up with Snoop Dogg for "The Donque Song" – though the song is mediocre, at best. "One More Chance" has a tropical groove to it and may be the lone bright spot on the album. "S.O.S." aims to find the carryover from "Where is the Love?" – he gets credit for targeting the environment but loses points for a been-there-done-that delivery.

The Bad: Like Fergie before him, strays toward the pop side of the hip-hop street. I always think of of a happy-go-lucky performer, but the opening track on the album, "Over," is a depressing tale of lost love. I'm not a big fan of repetitive choruses and "Heartbreaker" repeats itself eight times. Actually, the whole tracks is kinda repetitive. "I Got it From my Mama" is a slight rip-off of "My Humps." "Impatient" repeats the phrase "I can't wait" over and over ... and over. If you're looking for liner notes or lyrics, go elsewhere – the fold out cover has nothing but pictures of Will.

The Verdict: In a word: Weak. He and Fergie need to get off the solo circuit and record another Peas album.

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