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Songcatcher: A Visual Interpretation of Sound



Music, the rhythmic lifeblood of human beings. Music often reveals feelings, thoughts and emotions, all the stuff that makes life worth living. Where would we be as people without music? It expresses what we are not eloquent enough, or are too scared, to say. Has a song ever inspired you to love, forgive or just be yourself?

In the latest exhibit from Lark & Key in the heart of Charlotte's NoDa district, artists have created works inspired by music. This mixed media exhibit features pottery, jewelry and whatever medium the artists chose as a result of their favorite music. As you go through the exhibit, you will hear a soundtrack that ranges from Brazilian to folk, from hip-hop to alternative -- created by the artists to showcase the music that inspired them to create their works.

Come on out as a number of local bands and DJ's drop by and provide even more background sounds during some of NoDa's famous art crawls. Local acts like Volatile Baby, Nicolette Emanuelle and DJ That Guy Smitty will be making appearances throughout the course of the exhibit. A portion of the sales of this show will go to the YWCA Belmont Afterschool Program, a local organization that helps at-risk youth through art and music education.

Gallery co-owner Sandy Sneed is excited about the exhibit. "I've been blown away by the pieces we've been getting in. As we open up the community to different types of music, we're finding ourselves getting turned on to music we didn't know about. It's awesome."

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