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Sometimes I want to play games


I am in Charleston right now at the Windjammer, the ultimate beach bar, looking at Washington City Paper and Skirt!, which makes me feel like I am still in Charlotte ... just with an ocean.

The City Paper looks almost identical to the Loaf, but there is one major difference that didn't make it past my ADD -- in an ad for a downtown bar I noticed they have organized Guitar Hero nights. Jack Daniels even sponsors them.

I absolutely suck at Guitar Hero, but I love playing Rock Band. We put someone on the mic, someone on the drums and the Guitar Hero pros on the guitar. I always get out quickly and just go into being the backup dancer.

But the ad did make me realize that when I get back to Charlotte, I want to play some Guitar Hero at a bar (clearly, so I can use it as an excuse for sucking). So, I Googled "Guitar Hero Charlotte" and found a Guitar Hero and Wii Sports Charlotte MySpace page. Via my immaculate detective skills and thorough research of browsing the page, I learned they've played at Buckhead Salon, Fox and Hound Smokehouse & Tavern Ballantyne, Ham's Restaurant and Quaker Steak & Lube. Meanwhile, Intermezzo currently has Rock Band.

Meanwhile, back at the Windjammer ... between dancing around to a live band, attempting to play beach volleyball, discovering deer tracks in the sand (apparently deer come out on the beach at night) and testing the Breathalyzer machine at the bar -- we played Wordster and Photo Hunt -- unfortunately, they didn't have the nude version.

Any bar that puts a Mega Touch on the corner of its bar will score my patronage -- Tilt and Jackalope Jacks are my favorite places to play in Charlotte.

Cason Point: There is a nightlife for gamers in Charlotte -- in addition to Dave & Buster's and Jillians, there's a skee ball league based out of Murphy's Irish Pub, Dixie's Tavern has Beer Pong on Monday Fundays and there are weekly Cornhole Tournaments at Buckhead, Shane's Rib Shack and sporadically at George Herman's. There have also been Wii Bowling tournaments at CANS -- and some good old fashioned bowling at George Pappas Park Lanes and the different AMF Lanes. Not to mention Sports Connection facility in Ballantyne has Laser Tag. Meanwhile, Zuma Fun Center has go-karts, bumper boats, and miniature golf.

I don't really care what the game is; I'm always down to play. And I want to play Guitar Hero back in the Q.C., but for now -- I have the Bocce Ball Olympics to attend to on a Charleston Beach -- hopefully I won't suck at that too.

After all, Wiiiiiiiiiii ... just having fun.

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