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Some clubs are fortresses



There are two types of nightlife venues: the kind that rolls out a welcome mat for you and the kind that slams the door in your face. The kind that is hospitable to your business and the kind that thinks you should consider yourself lucky just to be in their establishment.

Which type would you rather frequent? If you picked the first kind, then you're probably lying to yourself because we always want what we can't have. Just think about your love life -- the unattainable is usually more appealing, isn't it? Perhaps clubs merely cater to this jaded human instinct by being exclusive ... and harder to get into than Fort Knox. Or is that just their attempt to filter their crowd? And think about all the nightlife venues that have closed in the past year -- Cans, Brick and Barrel, George Herman's, to name a few. Was it perhaps because of their lack of exclusivity? If anyone can get in, are you still cool for being there?

There's a thin line between exclusive and obnoxious. Bouncers on a power trip are obnoxious. Sorry guys, but you're merely bar backs with bigger builds. I had a bouncer once tell me, "Excuse me, ma'am, this line is for the real VIP." Whoops, my bad. I get it, I'm not Kim Kardashian -- I'm just Brittney Cason ... but I am a human being (also with a large booty), and I don't think Kim nor I should be treated any differently. Or should anyone for that matter.

If nightclubs are going to make us wait to get in and spend money at their bar, the least they could do is provide us with a waiting room, like a doctor's office. However, Charlotte nightlife is not an amusement park. You won't spend most of your time in line. Between the EpiCentre and the N.C. Music Factory, Ballantyne and Lake Norman, Plaza Midwood and Montford Drive, there is enough nightlife to go around. No need to push or cut the line.

Is the exclusivity in clubs making Charlotte nightlife more like that of N.Y.C. or Miami? Perhaps ... but the thing is, this isn't Manhattan or South Beach ... it's Charlotte. And I have yet to determine if Charlotte is really an exclusive kinda city.

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