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So, I think I can dance ...


I think I can dance ... think being the operable word here. I, lacking any real form of technical training, essentially taught myself how to dance in my living room by watching MTV back when they used to actually play music videos. I then somehow became a dance teacher for the Boys & Girls Club and mysteriously transformed into an NFL cheerleader. Trust me -- if I can do it, anyone can. What I can not do is what the dancers do on the show So You Think You Can Dance.

Seeing as how I don't watch television much anymore, I've never actually seen the show. But, one of my old teammates sent me the YouTube videos of the different dances and I watched them when I'm pretty sure I should've been doing work.

I realized that with the So You Think You Can Dance tour coming to Time Warner Cable Arena, I could see it as more of a Broadway show, as opposed to a reality show. Speaking of which, I recently went to Broadway at Blumenthal for the opening night of Chicago -- followed by the cast after-party at HOM where the So You Think You Can Dance cast were as well.

I was hoping to see a dance-off between the two casts, but the stage dancers weren't really cutting a rug (or the hardwood floor of LIV). Talking with Chelsea and Courtney from Dance's crew, I told them the story about my first day at practice with the TopCats when the choreographer told us to do a pas de bourrée.

I had to ask what the simple step was, which caused some of my teammates to respond by asking, "Are you serious?" After laughing at me, Chelsea gladly showed me how to do a pas de bourrée.

Meanwhile Courtney was so affably excited, she kept saying how much fun Charlotte was.

Chicago was all that jazz ... and a bag of chips.

As for So You Think You Can Dance ... best dancing and choreography I've seen live ... ever.

Now, I was never imbedded with the sensitive gene; I never understood why people cry at weddings. Although I did shed a tear watching an ASPCA commercial once -- but I was on my period. Yet, So You Think You Can Dance made me cry ... three times. Once during a Mia Michael's choreographed number, again during a lyrical hip-hop routine to Alicia Keys' "Like You'll Never See Me Again" and I bawled like a little bitch during Chelsea & Mark's dance to Leona Lewis' "Bleeding Love" choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon. No, not Napoleon Dynamite -- although his dance was flippin' sweet.

The show was so good that I didn't want to miss anything standing in line in the ladies room. I wish they'd converted the men's restrooms into women's like they did for New Kids on the Block, because I might deserve a gold medal for holding my pee through the entire show -- but it was worth it.

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