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Smoke This Issue: The Web

The best sites to surf for all things pot-related


comment Stoner Food, one of the Web's better ganja-oriented blogs, brings together possibly the best cannabis culinary knowledge you could imagine. Cooking with marijuana is (allegedly) very complicated, but many will say it's worth the effort to save your lungs. Make your ever-expanding Buddha belly happy by sipping pot-laced tea and munching on weed waffles slathered in Mary Jane-infused butter. NOM NOM NOM. — If you manage to keep a few dollars after a run (admit it, possessing a righteous love for weed is expensive, man!), take a trip to Amsterdam for the Cannabis Cup? Potheads the world over flock to the event each year to catch up on the haps, and judges choose a winner among all the growers who submit their best strains of weed. Enjoy the world's finest buds, stock up on (legal) supplies, and don't worry about those pesky U.S. laws that would get you arrested here. Just make sure you don't have a piss test waiting when you return to your job back home. Talk about a buzz kill! — Sure, growing weed is illegal but we can get to that below. BC Bud Depot has all the seeds you need to get that sticky-icky flowering going in the closet of your sketchy extra bedroom. — OK, so you got hopped up on Stoner Food, scoped out the Cannabis Cup festivities in Amsterdam, and now you're growing your own delicious strain. Oops. Is that a siren? You've got problems with the law. These things happen! Luckily, High Times has a list of everything you need in order to bounce out of jail and on to your next smoke sesh, including a list of attorneys by state. If you get popped for pot, this is where you send your mom to find a lawyer for you. — Pissed that you were busted for weed and tired of those oppressive, victimizing marijuana prohibition laws? No problem! Norml advocates for legal reform of pot laws. These are the folks fighting the good fight to make weed legal. Norml is the definitive source for news, information and activism regarding all aspects of the legalization debate. If you are super-paranoid and don't trust anything else in this article, trust these folks — they know their shit!

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