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Singing the Bluz



Subject: Bluz. The lyrical MC and poet may be one of Charlotte' best-kept secrets. The full-time writer-poet can be seen and heard all over the Queen City, from his radio show to his theater/dance class at Crossroads Charter High School. He's also the Slammaster of the local team Slam Charlotte, which took home first place in this year's National Poetry Slam Championship. As a solo artist, Bluz (aka Boris Rogers) was ranked 13th in the world at last year's Individual World Poetry Slam.

Origins: "When I first started [in poetry slams], it was because of a broken heart, and I rhymed to get the girls. But then I heard a work by Jessica Caramore and it elevated my mind to another level. I thought, 'I want to get inside people's minds like that.' That's when I became really good."

Rapping In The Bling Era: "I tried that back in 1998. It was hard to rap about money, fast cars, and lots of women when I had none of that. I couldn't find my voice in something that wasn't real to me."

Charlotte's Artistic Community: "The local community for artists is pretty good. I mean, we aren't New York or Atlanta, but we all know and support each other. My daughter knows a lot of other poets' works because she hears it so much."

Little Known Fact: "This might be funny for some people, but I've been to every NASCAR race that has ever been in Charlotte. I'm a huge NASCAR fan!"

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