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Before Paris and Nicky, Charlotte's own Hilton sisters – conjoined twins Daisy and Violet – experienced the dark side of fame


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Certainly that must have been true. Violet could have called for help once her sister had passed, but instead she let the blood they shared slowly go cold until she slipped into the next world where her sister waited.

The conjoined Hilton sisters share an astrological sign with the currently en vogue Hilton sister: they are all Aquarians, a sign indicated by two, parallel wavy lines. And Paris was preceded in her film career and sex scandals and tabloid rumors by those two other Hiltons who perhaps warranted more attention than has been lavished on our modern day Hilton sisters. Perhaps Paris should learn from her predecessors: Fame that comes from just being born often means a life as a garish attraction, and wealth or not, that sort of life is hard to escape with much dignity.

Only Charlotte could be the place where conjoined twins, exploited their whole life by others and addicted to the trappings of fame, might find some type of acceptance living in a mobile home park (a home whose resemblance to a carnival trailer cannot be overlooked). They were buried as they lived -- together, naturally -- although the coffin that accommodated them was slightly larger to account for two occupants instead of one. They rest now in Forest Lawn Cemetery, their grave as nondescript as any other ... except that unlike most graves, theirs is not a lonely one. Paris and Nicky should be so lucky.

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