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People following Charlotte's music scene in the 90s knew that when a Busch sibling put on a show, it was usually worth checking out. Tara Busch (formerly of Sheva) and her brother Todd (currently in The Flyweb) never felt it necessary to bow to popular tastes in the making and playing of their music. Which, of course, made it eminently listenable. And, consequently, hardly sellable. At least in Charlotte, NC.Fast forward a few years. Tara Busch's new band, Dynamo Dresden, was just named Best Up & Coming Artist at the Welsh Music Awards (their label, Plastic Raygun, was named best record label), and they're making the scene all across the UK -- including a performance for "Glastonbury -- The Play," a project affiliated with postmodern artist/general hell-raiser Damien Hirst.

Dynamo Dresden was formed in March 2001 when Maf Lewis, managing director of Plastic Raygun Records, met Tara Busch at the Winter Music Conference in Miami, Florida. Soon Busch was asked to front the band, a blend of laptop rock, guitar, bass, flute, and a Fred Sanford-like array of other makeshift instruments (Busch is a rather accomplished theremin player, to boot). The band then adds film clips, odd lighting, and something called a V-Deck, which allows the DJ to simultaneously scratch vinyl and video via a rigged-up turntable.

Meanwhile, Todd Busch was back in Charlotte, busy channeling his considerable creative urges into the band The Flyweb after a long string of successful solo shows with gonzo percussionist Kriss Krull. Taking a break from Flyweb, he's been working on some conceptual new solo material, some of which you may hear this week.

Expect a scaled-down Dresden show, and even some Busch sibling duets. You know what they say, after all. Two Busches is better than a bird in the hand. No, a bird and a Busch are...wait a minute...A hand and a bird...

Timothy C. Davis

Dynamo Dresden & Todd Busch will perform at the Evening Muse on Thursday, December 19. For more details, call the club at 704-376-3737.

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