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Showing off some skin

Plus some hair-raising shows


Why so blue?

The New Dixie Pharaohs perform bluegrass at Mac's Speed Shop in Cornelius on April 10. The band is looking to head into a studio to work on their debut CD in the coming months.

Ah ha ha ha, staying alive, staying alive

Steve Fucile lets it all hang out at the first Alive After 5 Party on the Plaza of the year, last Thursday, April 10 at the Wachovia Plaza Uptown.

A touch of Smet

A model purses her lips and struts down the catwalk at the first ever Smet Rocker's Ball Fashion Show at the Forum, April 11.

A hairy charity

A stylist shows off her skills at the Carmen! Carmen! Prestige Earth Month Water Show, where proceeds went to Carmen! Carmen! Prestige Salons' Earth Month fund to help people get cleaner water. The hair show was held at Loft 1523 on Saturday, April 12.

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