Shot Silk w/ Danielle Engle

When: Sat., Aug. 24 2013

SHOT SILK Sometimes taking a step back can lead to a giant leap forward. When Shot Silk first started two years ago, releasing an EP shortly thereafter, the band exuded a garage rock aura that was still rough around the edges. These days, the quartet would probably have you scrap that studio effort in favor of its live show and their current sonic place. Filled with blues-based grooves and rock/metal attitude, Shot Silk has grown tremendously since that debut EP. Singer Katie Dunn left the band briefly, but absence made the stage presence stronger — it’s clear she came back for the love of the music and performing. Guitarist Hayley Lakeman, bassist Elf and drummer Mindy Barker provide the perfect, sometimes-droning, sometimes-frantic Tool-esque backdrop for Dunn to shine. While the singer commands attention through her vocals and in-the-moment dancing, she doesn’t hesitate to leave the stage during an instrumental to let the spotlight shine on her bandmates.

Jeff Hahne


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