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Among Dick Cheney's Hotel Requirements Is That the TV Must Always Be Tuned to FOX News

If the vice president is into watching fantasy shows, wouldn't the Sci-Fi Channel be preferable?

President Bush States That It Will Be Up To "Future Presidents" To Clean Up His Mess in Iraq

If we can get the impeachment ball rolling, those "future presidents" can get to work on that and all his other messes.

Some 5,000 People Converge at Marshall Park to Call for Humane Immigration Laws

A bigger turnout than other recent demonstrations, including anti-war protests. Seems the most committed Americans today are recent immigrants, some of whom are labeled "undocumented."

Charlotte Observer: "NC raising standards for child-care centers"

We hear child molesters will no longer be allowed to work in the field.

Students Around The city Revel In Spring Break Madness

"Woo-Hoo!!! Spring Break '06!" becomes the most uttered phrase of the week, rivaled only by "Next year in Cancun."

Tupac Shakur Joins Waxworks at Madame Tussaud's

Hmm -- now, is that hood?

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