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Sassy jokes from sassy folks


Colorado High School Teacher Reprimanded For Comparing Bush To Hitler

Administrators say comparison won't be accurate until Bush grows a mustache.

Another Area death caused by wrong-way driver

What about all those drivers who kill going the right way?

News Outlets Report Popularity Of online bin Laden Fan Clubs

The most popular is called www.GeorgeWBushCouldn'tFindHisOwnPeckerWithACompass,Map,

McClatchy wins bid for Knight Ridder, owner of the Charlotte Observer

Wow. A family-run company that believes in quality journalism instead of corporate Gannett-speak. Those stymied reporters must be singing, "Ding-dong, the Witch is Dead."

l'il kim or kemba smith?

Queen of Rap to serve 366 days for perjury and conspiracy. Too bad honesty ain't hood.

The Bachelor Couple Say Romance Is Over

Ah, well, they'll always have Paris.

New Age yanni charged with beating his girlfriend

Ah, well, they'll always have Paris.

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