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NC House Speaker Jim Black, An Optometrist, Pushes Law Requiring All Kids To Have Eye Exams

Next up: Lawyers in the State House and Senate say five-year-olds must have wills drafted before enrolling in Kindergarten.

Feds Demand Google Data To Fight Online Porn

To think, people actually worried the Patriot Act would violate our privacy.

Paris Hilton sings "Big Yellow Taxi"

Paris allegedly peed in a Maui cab. Will her forthcoming CD include the aforementioned Joni Mitchell song and a cover of "Piss Factory"?

Businessman Larry Miller Still Refuses To Show Brokeback Mountain At His Utah Theater

Yet this homophobic clod finds it acceptable to show Hostel, a gore flick in which a woman being tortured by blowtorch has an eyeball pop out and then snipped off by a pair of scissors. Yup, that certainly represents wholesome values far more than the story of two people in love.

Michael Jackson On Job Hunt In Bahrain

Apparently, the expat Peter Pan will moonwalk for food. Other skills include theme park development, animal wrangling and typing 50 wpm in one glitter glove.

Isaac Hayes Hospitalized for Exhaustion in Memphis

Body Thetans didn't revitalize him? Well, "Walk On By" is a helluva long song.

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