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Shedding new light on Brainiac

Review of Action Comics



Action Comics No. 869

Published by DC Comics. Written by Geoff Johns. Pencils by Gary Frank. Inks by Jon Sibal.

The Deal: It's the latest issue of Action Comics, DC's flagship Superman comic. This month continues the "Braniac" story arc that seeks to shed new light on Superman's old arch foe Braniac.

The Good: Are you reading Action Comics? You really should be. I know it seems like there's an ass-load of comics on the shelves starring Supes, but trust me when I say that Action Comics is the best of the bunch. Writer Geoff Johns has been hitting home runs with his scary, funny and (pun intended) action-packed stories since he took over the book. Johns' strength is that he knows how to play up all the cool elements of the character and his world -- and ignore the lamer elements. On top of that, artist Gary Frank is just beyond amazing. I've gushed over him many times before, but his economical-yet-angular style just keeps getting better and better.

The Bad: I'm digging this storyline, but it seems a wee bit padded. I'm sure Johns is crafting the story so it will make a satisfying trade paperback, but I think this arc could have ended this issue. Although, if the story sucked, I would just drop the comic -- so it must not be that bad.

The Verdict: Are you reading Action Comics? You really should be.

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