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When the Jason Mraz concert was rained out earlier this summer, most people were unaware that he was going to play an acoustic show inside the Fillmore. When Aerosmith's Brad Whitford came out to play the encore with Chickenfoot, a good number of those in attendance probably didn't know he was in attendance. You probably didn't know Counting Crows was going to be on stage at the start of the show and not just as the headliner. New concerts are announced all the time.

So, how could you find this stuff out? By following the #charlottemusic filter on Twitter -- which is also posted to the music homepage at I posted messages about all of those things via my Twitter feed ( But it shouldn't just be about the shows where I happen to be.

Share your thoughts, post your own band's show listings, give updates on concerts, recommend CDs, share concert announcements, give concert feedback while you're at the show or whatever other music-related thoughts you have by putting the hashtag #charlottemusic at the end of your Twitter messages.

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