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Shane, Bartender

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What is one vanity item/routine you can't live without for more than a week?

It would have to be dental floss. I have to floss on the regular.

Describe your last date. What made it great and/or suck?

Delicious Thai food and a good flick — The King's Speech. What made it great was I ended the night on the couch drinking tea with the lady.

Let's say you're strapped for cash — for a part-time gig, would you rather become a stripper or a septic tank cleaner?

Honestly, I would rather be on unemployment.

Favorite place to hang out?

It would have to be Niche over on Camden. That whole block has grown over the years as far as art, culture, eats and retail — it's just a good area to meet up with friends and kick it.

Where do you go to get your hair cut in Charlotte?

I get my haircut at Cirrus Salon on Camden Road, by Josh Jones.

If you're about to go on a first date with someone and decide to put together a new outfit, where do you go shopping?

J Crew.

The 2011 Lust List:
Ember, Go-go dancer/VIP server
Travis, Full-time student
Emily Paige, Co-assistant designer
Ward, Marketing executive/group fitness instructor
Shana, Modeling agency owner
Aaron, Full-time student/"shot boy"
Naresse, Restaurant "jack of all trades"
Shane, Bartender


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