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Sex Sells



On Dec. 10, more than 20 vendors set up shop in Tucker, GA, to market the country's finest sex toys at the Atlanta Fetish Flea Market. Proceeds from leather whips, nubby dildos and wax-dripping candles went to charity: the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom. Men dressed in spiked black leather massaged patrons with body oils and exhibited proper whipping techniques. Below are comments overheard at the flea market.

"They get the endorphins going. This woman [pointing to a picture of a naked woman covered in cracked colored wax] couldn't stay still. She came 30 times."

Candle vendor

"Wow, is that the average?"


"No, I don't think so."

Candle vendor

"Well, come over some time, I've got a big cage."

Woman proposing a sexual rendezvous to a flea market customer

"You don't need any of these toys, you're still young. You can actually come."

Gray-haired vendor in a corset, to a patron

"Can we please get out of here? I'm starting to feel a bit uncomfortable."

A guy to his girlfriend

"If you're telling me the accurate size of your balls, then they should fit in here." A vendor, as she holds up a red leather thong for an attendee

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