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Sex games & an alley cat

A girl's-night game and new club highlight weekend


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Yes, it was ladies' night ...

My invitation to Dixie Tavern's Frost Yourself party promised me the ultimate girl's night with a decadent buffet, massages, salon samples, makeovers, palm readings, a chocolate fountain and free tiaras for the first fifty ladies. The party started at 6 p.m. -- I got there at 7 and was one of the many princesses sans a tiara, and much to my dismay, the chocolate fountain had run dry. Meaning it was packed, and the only men in the place were making martinis. We did a lot of standing in line; we stood in line for the scraps of the buffet, we stood in line for makeovers, we stood in line for tarot card readings and there was even a waiting list for the massages. Dixie's apparently found the secret to women -- we like getting free stuff and we appreciate food! We also love it when you hire cute cater waiters to serve chocolate Bailey shots while wearing nothing above the waist other than firm pecks and a bow tie. But the climax for me was the Red Door's "sexpert" game that involved answering questions about sex for kinky prizes. I felt like Ken Jennings on a perverted version of Jeopardy -- I was an undergraduate teaching assistant for human sexuality at Virginia Tech, so, I had a slight advantage. With that said, I was the grand-prize winner of a waterproof vibrator.

I have a new spot.

I'm talking about Alley Cat.

After frosting myself at Dixie's, I walked down the alley for the grand opening of Alley Cat. It reminded me of the Hard Rock Café, but with better food because The Penguin Grill rocks it out in the Alley's kitchen by serving up their fried delicacies. There are three full-service bars with everything from PBR to $25/shot liquor, and that includes an outdoor patio bar, and a rock wall behind one of the interior bars that gave me the urge to rock climb. At 10 p.m., the tables cleared away, the jukebox shut up and Nighthawk took the stage. Ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves a new, live-music venue on the scene. The Cat's out of the bag ... and it's a rocking and a rolling.

A Kitch-Y Concert

The next night, this cat was a hipping and a hopping at the unadvertised Common concert at Grand Central on Central. Once again, I watched Charlotte get all hyped up by a DJ. DJ Dummy was so artistically creative on the tables he even scratched using his nose. That's why I love a Michael Kitchen party; he can take a big name like Common and turn it into an intimate concert featuring real artists with diverse crafts sharing the share. I can't wait to see what else Kitch has cooking for us.


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