Sevendust, Coal Chamber, Lacuna Coil, Stolen Babies

When: Tue., April 23 2013

LACUNA COIL With a name that’s an English-Italian mishmash meaning “empty spiral,” Milan’s goth-metal outfit Lacuna Coil nod to the Laocoön, an ancient statue depicting a writhing priest and his sons entangled in a nest of sea serpents. Like that Roman sculpture, Lacuna Coil is both relentlessly melodramatic and carefully crafted. Over mid-tempo grooves and slashing metal guitars, frontwoman Cristina Scabbia’s powerful and haunting vocals remain tightly controlled even as she reaches for the rafters. Over the years, Lacuna Coil have stepped away from their ’90s goth/darkwave roots towards the mainstream metallic pop turf staked out by Evanescence. Nowadays, the Italian sextet seems torn between solid but uninspired hard rock craftsmanship and the overblown cinematic soundscapes of industrial crews like Slovenia’s Laibach. Despite an ill-fitting flirtation with nu metal on 2006 LP Karmacode, Lacuna Coil tends to shun experimentalism, and their professionalism is often at odds with their operatic reach. Still, like countryman Dario Argento, the gore film maestro who depicts his lurid fever dreams with painterly precision, Lacuna Coil marshal their faintly ridiculous posturing to strike emotional pay dirt.

Pat Moran

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