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Seven Sins a Second

CD Review: Sinamore



The Deal: The Finnish gothic metal rockers release their second album.

The Good: The album contains nine tracks and a short introduction. It's full of contrast between the harsh sounds of heavy guitars, bass and drums with softer, melodic sounds. Reminiscent in musical style to the popular Finnish group H.I.M., Sinamore has a much more metal vibe and their vocalist a harsher and deeper range. Tracks like "Silence So Loud" stand out for its harmony between guitars and "Far From a Dream" for a distinct instrumental part that is impressive. "Better Alone" seems like it could be this bands hit, with a set of angry and determined lyrics to back it. Sinamore keeps to their sound and has no strange surprises except the vocalist's voice on part of "Unbreakable Calm."

The Bad: At times, it is rather hard to hear the vocals over the heavy guitars. I don't think I clearly heard all the vocals on any of the tracks, which makes it harder to distinguish between them. Also, the albums tone is mainly a sad and angry feel. You won't find happy songs, only melancholy to cheer you up.

The Verdict: An album to check out if you like melodic rock and metal. Despite not being able to hear all the vocals, the music makes up for that in its style and intensity.

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