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Henry Rollins and band will be at Tremont Music Hall tonight, playing mostly Black Flag songs. Along with poetry-spoutin' Hank will be Keith Morris, the original singer with the seminal punk rock act. All proceeds will go to the defense fund for the West Memphis Three, a trio of young men who were convicted, in a witchhunt/kangaroo court, of killing three second graders. The case has garnered lots of national interest, including two specials on HBO and support from around the world (see Tickets are $15 in advance or $20 the day of the show, available by calling 704-522-6500. For more information, log onto (Davis)


The Light Factory's Factory Films Film and Video Series will present some of the winning titles from this year's Full Frame Documentary Film Festival tonight and tomorrow night at Spirit Square. Speedo, which took the fest's Audience Award, will be shown tonight; described as a "simultaneously humorous and distressing film," it focuses on a dysfunctional man's obsession with earning recognition via demolition derby. The Luckiest Nut In the World, an offbeat animated flick that earned the Jury Award for Best Short, will also be shown. Tomorrow night, the series presents Black Picket Fence, a penetrating study of rap music, as well as The Ocularist, a 9-minute short about the making of a glass eyeball. Movies begin both nights at 7:30pm; tickets cost $7. Call 704-333-9755 for more information. (Brunson)

The fringe summer theatre season swings into action at three locations. Chickspeare takes over the Off-Tryon Theatre up in NoDa with an all-woman version of Julius Caesar. Christy Basa and Joanna Gerdy square off as the true antagonists of Shakespeare's tragedy, Marcus Brutus and Marc Antony. But which will be the hero as director Ashley Kerns makes her Chix debut? Last summer, Oregon Shakespeare ignored tradition -- and Antony's famed oration -- and declared Brutus the true champion of the people. Chix may nix both Romans amid the promised drumming and rhythmic movement. Runs through June 28. Call 704-344-4546.(Tannenbaum)

There's only one company in Charlotte that dares to tackle Genet, Pinter, and Mac Wellman -- those mad theatre scientists at The Farm. Now Greek tragedy comes kicking and screaming into the rock & roll millennium as Farm's theatre animals begin another summer season with World Without End. Former Ensemble Theatre standout Matt Cosper returns -- triumphantly, we hope -- to the Black Box catacombs at Children's Theatre with his own poetically reimagined version of Sophocles' Antigone. Cosper directs, and two Loaf Award winners, Jason Loughlin and Ian Johnson, star in this sometimes frenzied, devoutly weird production through June 28. Call 704-348-1575. (Tannenbaum)

One of the most surprising of all literary surprises last year was Two Gardeners, a collection of letters exchanged between 1958 and 1977 by New Yorker gardening writer Katharine S. White (the wife of E.B. White) and the Charlotte Observer's Elizabeth Lawrence. The book is a small gem filled with subtle, graceful prose that offers a compelling glimpse into not only gardening, but also the lives of women in that time, and the joys and rigors of friendship. Today at 7pm, Barnes & Noble at Sharon Corners presents a panel discussion about the pair featuring the Big O's Dannye Romine Powell, Dia Stieger, Director of Wing Haven, and Lindie Wilson, who now lives in Lawrence's house and is working to preserve the writer's garden. The event is free. OK, this isn't the kind of thing we usually recommend, but then who thought a book of letters between two gardeners would become a cult classic (albeit a kinder, gentler cult classic)? (Grooms)

june13 FRIDAY

One of the biggest comic book conventions in the country, the annual Heroes Convention, takes place June 13 through June 15. The three day Con is loaded with writers, illustrators, producers, gaming, tournaments, painting demonstrations, autograph sessions, and of course many dealers selling everything related to comic books, collector cards and more. Keep a lookout for your favorite characters. On Sunday there is also a Red Cross Blood Drive. Tickets: One Day $10 per person, parent $5 w/child per parent. Three day pass $20 per person, parent $10 w/child per parent. Charlotte Convention Center, 501 S. College St. Full information can be obtained at or by calling 704-375-7462. (Shukla)

The Bard gets a different twist at SPAC (211 Rampart Street) as Epic Arts offers their maiden production, The Friar and the Nurse. In this tragical sex comedy, playwright Stan Peal takes us slightly downwind of Romeo and Juliet. We'll explore what might have happened if the outsiders who abetted the star-crossed lovers' marriage and abortive elopement, the good Friar Lawrence and Juliet's fickle nurse, had a secret affair of their own. Peal stars as Lawrence in this two-hander opposite his real-life wife Laura Depta under the direction of Lon Bumgarner. Runs through June 28. Call 704-332-5300. (Tannenbaum)


The 2003 Composers Charlotte performance of Artsong & Innovative Portraits will present American New Music this evening. Composers will perform and premier new musical works in collaboration with visual portraits. Performances range from Chinese violin, voice, and guitar to several on piano with styles ranging from jazz, classical and ethnic. Special guests include Boston instrumentalist Stan Strickland and Claire Ritter who is also the artistic director of Composers Charlotte. At Dana Auditorium in Queens University, 7:30pm. Admission is $10 and $8 for students. 704-372-5008. (Shukla)

june16 MONDAY

Norah Jones may have made a lot of critics' Best Of lists in 2002, but it probably wasn't until this year's Grammy ceremony that the buzz surrounding her really took flight. The sultry, whispery songstress with her album Come Away With Me garnered a total of eight awards including Album of the Year and Best New Artist. Tonight she's in town for a show at Ovens Auditorium. You should really consider getting your dollars' worth by catching the opening set featuring the ever-so-talented Gillian Welch who will be joined by David Rawlings. Showtime is 8pm. Tickets cost $28. 50-$48.50 and are available through Ticketmaster at 704-522-6500. (Farris)

june17 TUESDAY

Who knows for certain if they're brother and sister, husband and wife or maybe kissing cousins, but one thing's for sure -- they're called The White Stripes and they're just about the hottest act at the moment. And rightly so if you can imagine that! Remarkably, the ultra cool duo, known as Jack and Meg White, are coming to Grady Cole Center. Some say their sparse instrumentation of vocals, guitar and drums doesn't translate from studio to stage with all its sheer wizardry intact, but that's a chance we're willing to take. Doors open at 8pm, and Whirlwind Heat opens up. Tickets cost $28.50 and are available through Ticketmaster at 704-522-6500. (Farris)


The Juneteenth Festival of the Carolinas honors those ancestors who were brought to this country as slaves. This year's celebration kicks off with a banquet today at Four Points Sheraton Hotel Uptown. The festivities continue through Sunday with events at Independence Park, located at 300 Hawthorne Lane. Thursday is a day for children with dance classes, arts and crafts, storytelling and more. On Friday, Mecklenburg Park & Recreation will light up the park with a Drum Circle. The festivities commence on Sunday with a parade. The Carter G. Woddson Education Village, dance troupes, vendors, poetry and music make this event an experience for all ages. . .and it's free! Call 704-392-7292 for details. (Herman)

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