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Friday, July 28

Driving to work a couple years ago, I heard NPR play a track from the newly released Willie Nelson disc Crazy: The Demo Sessions, a collection of early demos Willie Nelson cut in the '60s. "I Just Destroyed the World (I'm Living In)" pulled me over to the side of the road for its duration. Just Nelson's pine-bark voice and a lonesome guitar channeling the world's broken hearts into a one-minute, 14-second masterpiece. More than Farm Aid, IRS seizures, the Highwaymen and gobs of ganja, moments like this will be the Red Headed Stranger's lasting legacy. He performs with John Fogerty tonight at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater. Tickets are $23.50-$53.50. Details at 704-522-6500. (Schacht)

The World Cup is over. The screams, the roars and the referee bashing have come to an end. It looks like those die-hard soccer fans will have to wait another four years for the glory days of futbol to re-emerge. But of course, if you still have a hankering for more soccer then come support your team at the Conference Playoff Final Four where the best four women's soccer teams in the Southeast and Midwest will meet. The top two teams from the Atlantic and Midwest divisions will play in a single elimination final four event with the champion excelling to the League Championship Final Four the following week in Vancouver. The games will begin at 5:30pm and 8pm on Friday and 5pm on Saturday at E.E. Waddell Stadium. Just remember, any fighting or throwing objects is strictly forbidden. For more information check out (Marta Ostrowski)

Georgia "country boy" rapper Bubba Sparxxx has been expanding the South's take on hip-hop with his redneck-hop since the beginning of this century. Now, Bubba is furthering the agenda, albeit into more conventional rap, with his latest release The Charm, which is on Big Boi's (Outkast) label Purple Ribbon. Catch Bubba rap his rural tales at NV Nightclub & Lounge tonight. For details call 704-896-6982 or visit (Shukla)

Saturday, July 29

Be very afraid as the ritual collision between six sleep-deprived playwrights and six perplexed, under-rehearsed acting ensembles explodes into Attack of the 24-Hour Theatre Project. Loaf readers have e-mailed BareBones Theatre Group with their suggestions, fiendishly formulating where the dialogue will begin and end, and the Loaf's theatre critic crosses over to join in the midnight writing madness. You can get up with the roosters at Theatre Charlotte and audition for a role in one of the new plays at 9am -- one hour after we meet our deadlines and surrender our ready-or-not manuscripts. Or you can return with the chickens at 8pm and watch the actors in their ready-or-not performances of the six 10-minute world premieres. Tickets for the orgy of human sacrifice, staged at Theatre Charlotte, are $10. Call 704-334-9128. (Tannenbaum)

Folk chanteuse Patty Larkin brings her insightful tales laced with a moody, acoustic layering tonight at the Neighborhood Theatre. Larkin is a singer-songwriter, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist to boot. There's nothing new on the recorded front since 2003's Red = Luck, but her output has plenty of compositions that are soft and warm on the outside yet taut and sharp in the middle. She's not afraid to experiment with ambient noise, either. The show starts at 8pm and tickets range from $15-$18. Details at 704-358-9298. (Shukla)

Hide the fried chicken 'cause Bruce Bruce is comin'! The colossal talent known for hocking Popeye's Chicken & Biscuits in national ads splits his time between the screen, stage and recently -- the page. Baby James Brown, an autobiography of sorts, tells in true Bruce Bruce fashion just what makes the big guy tick without all the vulgarity (cuz he's above all that). He can also been seen as "Big Shug" in Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector and HBO Films' new musical Idlewild, starring Outkast, which hits theatres this summer. Tonight's show at Ovens Auditorium can act as a preview. Tickets start at $33.50. Head to or call Ticketmaster at 704-522-6500. (Calloway)

Been in need for some of that oh-so-important quality family time lately? Then come join the Afro-American Cultural Center and be a part of Family Cultural Appreciation Day. Join G. Deon Bradley as he answers questions about his new role as CEO and president of the Center. Ready for a little improvisation? Learn more about the Center's upcoming season that explores the development of jazz. And don't forget to check out the new exhibit, Without Boundaries: The AACC Permanent Collection. Other fun happenings will include an artist marketplace, a food court, family-oriented films and roundtable artists. Festivities will run from noon until 6pm. For more information visit (Marta Ostrowski)

Philly-based DJ wunderkind Rich Medina has a soulful presence that should launch him to stardom. Medina seamlessly mixes electronica with soul and afro beat. The brilliant "Weight" off last year's record, Connecting the Dots, also showcases Medina's spoken word prowess. Co-headliner DJ Shortkut of the Beat Junkies is slated to play a mix of vintage reggae and old-school hip-hop. Local DJs will round out the musical journey tonight at the Spot (formerly known as the Goblin). Details at (Shukla)

Sunday, July 30

Take Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam's advice by letting the beat hit you at NightBeat 06. The music definitely takes control as eight groups, including "The Commandant's Own," the United States Marine Drum and Bugle Corps with Silent Drill Platoon, compete for the title. Each corps gets 11 minutes to show that it can keep in line and produce quality music at the same time. Sounds easy, but when was the last time you did it? For all those waxing nostalgic over halftime shows in college, come out for the grown-up version today at Memorial Stadium, 310 N. Kings Drive. Tickets range from $8 with military discount to $50 for VIP (whatever that means). For more info, hit up (Calloway)



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