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Scrap for skrilla

They'll buy it and recycle



Strapped for cash? Well look no further than your neighborhood junkyard for a couple of quick bucks. There are tons of places in town that buy otherwise worthless stuff from the public and recycle it to make new products.

• Carolina Core Recycling takes all kinds of car parts including radiators, carpet, plastics, aluminum, steel, glass, foam rubber, all automotive fluids and batteries. Bent aluminum rims (i.e. the billion you see on the side of the road) go for $20 a pop! (

• Wise Recycling takes all the aluminum you can think of, including gutters, ladders, canoes, bumpers, siding, baseball bats, grills, and pots and pans. They also take brass radiators, faucets, beds and musical instruments. (

• Southern Resources buys all metals, gold, silver, electrical wire and more. They also accept donated electronics, including computers. (

• Global Recycling Inc accepts appliances like air conditioners and refrigerators, electric motors, transmissions, and transformers. (

• Southern Metals Company buys auto bodies, radiators, and assorted metals. (

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