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Scott Swimmer, DrumStrong President/Founder

Best Local Charity; Best Local Facebook Page


* Best Concert of the Past 12 Months

"He's done more than one in the last 12 months, but Justin Fedor has been bringing bands together for a cause, similar to what Drums for Cures does. It's not just putting bands on stage, but putting together fun combinations. It creates a new flavor of music while benefitting the Levine Children's Hospital."

* Best Lunch

"Providence Sundries is a few blocks from home and the office, so there's convenience, but it's casual and open. It's my go-to place because I can expect regularity. I get fed well with consistency."

* Best Sushi

"I want good food, but I'm also looking for atmosphere and friendliness. The guys at Pisces literally embrace you when you walk in. I don't only go there because they support DrumStrong. They support a variety of local causes which gives depth to their business."

* Local Issue That Needs More Attention

"We waste water left and right. Has anyone else noticed that we're in a drought? Environmental issues are important to me. I haven't delved into businesses that are on the good/bad side of it, but I can walk down the street and see yards that don't need to be watered. I take issue with waste."

* Best Weekend Getaway

"I love the Linville area for camping. That and the Grandfather Mountain area. I've got friends up that way and it's just gorgeous. There's also a great artist community in Celo."

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