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Scene in America



Exhibit: Scene in America: A Contemporary Look at the Black Male Image

Dates: Showing now through Nov. 2

Location: Mint Museum of Art, 2730 Randolph Rd.

Info: 704-337-2000 or

What is it to be a black man today? Is it having a certain swagger? Is it wearing the right clothes? Is it profound intelligence and dignity? Or is it just a black face? This current Mint Museum exhibit seeks to address and understand the image of the black male in today's society.

With pieces from artists of different races, nationalities, genders and sexual preferences, the show encourages reflections on and discussions of one of the most hot-button issues facing the country today: race. This mixed media exhibit features the work of, among others, Chuck Close, Willie Little and Antoine Williams. Some pieces evoke the use of historically stereotypical representations of black men in juxtaposition with images of today's black man.

How far have we come? Is it far enough? Check out this exhibit and decide for yourself.

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