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Sam Beam

Professional Racer



Sam Beam lives for adrenaline. He began racing at 8 years old and has developed a career as a stunt driver. He's been in several movies and commercials such as 3: The Dale Earnhardt Story, Talladega Nights, a Subway commercial where he chased Greg Biffle in a police car, and most recently, a Marathon Gas commercial.

"The adrenaline rush of racing is what got me started," Beam says. "Nothing really scares me. I'm not afraid to tackle anything," he says. "I started out young, I took a lot of wild rides through the years."

"There wasn't a day that went by when I wasn't working," he says. "There's no grass that's gonna grow under my shoes." In addition to stunt driving, he sells enclosed trailers and helps his family rent cars and props to movies. "We rented 22 cars to Leatherheads," he says. His family also owns Memory Lane Car Museum in Mooresville that displays more than 150 cars. "They all have a history behind them."

"The last commercial I've done was a Marathon Gas commercial," says Beam. "They wanted me to drift all the way around the gas station, with people around and everything," he says. "I dressed up like Richard Petty, wore his hat, a mustache and wore all his jewelry."

"Everyday when you deal with stunts or movies, it's always going to be something new; there's no planning it out," Beam says. "They show you what you're going to do and then you make it happen."

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