Sadgiqacea, Hivelords, Pig Mountain

When: Thu., July 5 2012

SADGIQACEA Hey, can you pronounce that name? We couldn’t, either. Here’s a little phonetic helper: sad-juh-kay-sha. Soothing, innit? There are times when sludgy, harsh and slow metal guitars can actually soothe the nerves, too. And on occasion, this Philly outfit pulls it off. The combo’s got the stoner-rock groove down, and it muddies things up a bit with detuned guitars and dual vocalists. The result is unnerving and serene, sometimes in the same song, with guitars that pounce, slow down, go psychedelic, then proceed with the requisite barrage. If you get past the repetition, the tracks expand nicely. Recommended if you like Torche, Mastodon or High on Fire.

Samir Shukla

Price: $7

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