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Rose Hawley's Top Five

Glass and metal artist



Rose Hawley is a glass and metal artist whose studio, Art in the Dairy, brings in craft instructors to teach locals that also share the interest.

1) Music: "I'm very much into jazz and rock 'n' roll. I like the innovative use of its musical scoring. It's inspirational."

2) Books: "I'm reading everything that everyone says about glass. It's not so widely used, known, or accepted, so I really have to stretch to advance myself."

3) Fashion: Hawley, who admits that she hasn't worn makeup in nearly 15 years, says, "I'm not as skinny, cute and young as I used to be. So now, I'm about as casual and relaxed as they come."

4) Food: Hawley loves French cuisine but reveals that it's hard to find in Charlotte. She loves the "amount of alcohol in the sauces" and that "the food is so cheesy and so tasteful."

5) Hobbies: "I used to race cars, but I've outgrown that. Since I've discovered glass, nothing else holds my interest."

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