Role of Government in Progressive Educational Policies

In the last decade, almost 50 % of the US’s population came under the bracket of the middle class as people have been doing stagnant jobs in all these years and they do not have a strong educational background, which allows them to climb the career ladder providing handsome salaries. To overcome these discrepancies, government and education policies were reformed so that most of the people work for the lifestyle they aspire to achieve. 



Provide tutor to underperforming students

As we know that not all children are same nor they have the same ability and capacity to grow and learn. All those students enrolled in the same class have their own strengths and weaknesses and to balance out that, the government introduced the policy that students who are weak in a certain area would be dealt with under tutoring model. There are also numerous tools that are available to facilitate such students. For instance, all those people who are working around their PhD essay or Government essay can take external help to get through it or work very closely with their instructor so that they can get the work done in the timeline assigned to them. 

Offer free breakfast and lunch to students

Most of the students skip schools as they need to earn to provide food for themselves. Almost forty million people in America do not have enough to eat, in such cases, their priority is diverted from acquiring education to providing food for themselves. This school lunch program helps to meet students’ nutritional needs so that they can learn new things while being healthy. 

Technical Training and Workplace Experience

The government made reforms in educational policies and ensured that students are introduced with workplace ethics and experience regarding it. This step would boost students’ confidence and they would know all the protocols which should be followed when one steps into the professional world. In some programs, technical training is also mandatory and students are asked to enhance their skill set as much as possible. Essay samples are provided to students which they can read over the weekend or during their winter or summer breaks to amplify their knowledge. Such programs and activities prepare students to contribute to the rapidly changing world and also allow them to uncover their interests. 


Transition to a 9-to-5 school day

The government is also working on the pilot project, where school hours will be from 9 to 5. As most of the parents work and the median school day is 2:50 P.M, which makes it inconvenient to manage work and children altogether. Not everyone can afford childcare and almost 40%  do not get paid vacation time. There are numerous other factors, too, which seem like a big challenge for parents due to which they consider taking their children out of schools. No one likes to leave their children in unsafe care, so if their work timings match with their child’s school timings, then things would become relatively smooth.


Train and pay teachers like professionals


Most of the young educated professionals are reluctant to join teaching as they are only paid 60% of what a person working in the corporate sector is getting. The government is making reforms so that teachers are provided with educational training from time to time and also setting an annual base salary so that competent individuals consider joining this profession. These pieces of training would help young people regarding classroom management and prepare them with different techniques with which they can cater to different situations. They are also considering to work on teacher residency models where emerging teachers will learn a lot more. 

National school infrastructure program

It is need of the time to work on school infrastructures and the government is putting maximum efforts to eliminate all those school buildings which are crumbling. Working on these buildings will also create more working opportunities for the local community. There are numerous essay examples that highlighted this issue and now the government is working on these extensive repairs. 


People are anxious about the changing economic conditions and the government is trying to play an active part in educating people as much as possible, so they become strong enough to provide for themselves. There was a time when working-class jobs promised to provide decent wages and benefits, but now if you want to survive, you need to be a better version with every passing day. 


Everyone has the right to acquire education and no one should stop them, no matter what the circumstances are, it is the basic right and if someone is not privileged enough to afford it then government involvement in educational matters becomes mandatory. To support economic mobility, educational standards should be improved from the government’s side so that everyone can be educated enough to support their families with a progressive job.


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