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Rocks Off

CL tallies the top 200 albums of the '70s


Aerosmith v. 06 is virtually the last classic rock & roll party band standing -- that doesn't require a metaphoric walker to get its show on, anyhow. Steven Tyler and his boys came of age musically as the Aquarian Age 1960s faded into the hard-rockin' '70s, the time when albums became unified statements of an individualistic musical vision.

In honor of Aerosmith's imminent return to the QC -- plus the 30th anniversary of the release of its 1976 LP Rocks -- CL presents the Top 200 albums of the 1970s, penned by our own critics still hungover from bicentennial blooz.

Compiled by Kandia Crazy Horse, John Schacht, Lynn Farris, Fred Mills & Samir Shukla.

Rocks Off

Top 200 albums of the '70s


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