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Robbery 101

Monday, August 20



So you need to rob a bank or convenience store sometime soon, but you're not quite sure of the most effective way to conceal your firearm. No worries, the good folks at Starks Training Institute will educate you on how to conceal your weapon so that nobody suspects a thing -- until you open fire on the entire bank/store/restaurant. Thanks to a series of shotty armed robberies, like the ones from last December in Lincolnton or the recent New York robbery in which the attacker fumbled his shotgun right into the hands of the store clerk, responsible, armed-robbing citizens like you and me can reap the knowledge of those who know the basics of weapon concealment. A Concealed Carry Course will be provided today for your education. Just another clever requirement needed to meet the criteria for an NCCH permit. Make sure to bring a lunch and leave all ammunition at home, as this course aims to make you "one bad motha- shut yo' mouf!" 8:40 a.m. Hyatt Gun Shop, 3332 Wilkinson Blvd. 704-392-7233.

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