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Rob Hunter and Fauna Gibson

Hard Target Martial Arts' Masters



It's been a while since I learned what a kick-ass (literally) opponent I can be thanks to Hard Target Martial Arts' self-defense program, the P3 Method. CL visited the dojo to catch a ride on a trend sweeping the nation -- submission fighting/mixed martial arts. We sat down with Rob Hunter, HT's Principal Instructor and one of his best students, Fauna Gibson.

"I've had experience with mixed martial arts since 1996," Hunter says. "It started with high school wrestling."

"Mixed martial arts can be anything that works against an opponent under a certain set of rules," Hunter says. "We combine boxing, kicking, throws (which are take-downs to the ground), and then grappling on the ground. There are skill levels and age groups."

"You have to be able to transition," he says. "You gotta be able to escape, hold your position, and submit. Then, put it all together."

In this "emerging avenue for women," it's refreshing to meet Gibson. Her intro into the submission-fighting arena began simply enough "as a workout program," she says. That is, until she showed Rob pics from her "chocolate wrestling match." She submitted two guys. "Yeah, I made 'em pass out."

"I was honoring moves from the style and Rob was like 'you know we have this thing coming up.' So, here I am," Gibson says.

At the South Carolina Submission Grappling & Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Championships held Oct. 13, Gibson placed second in her weight class and second in the absolute class (any weight, any skill level).

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