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Review of Batman No. 680

Another chapter of the "Batman R.I.P." story arc


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Batman No. 680

Published by DC Comics. Written by Grant Morrison. Pencils by Tony Daniel. Inks by Sandu Florea.

The Deal: Behold the latest issue of Batman -- and another chapter of the "Batman R.I.P." story arc. Now, I would tell you "The Deal" about the storyline, but honestly I'm not sure I totally understand it myself. Apparently, Batman subjected himself to some crazy isolation experiment that subsequently drove him nuts. On top of that, he's being targeted by a bizarre criminal organization called the Black Glove. And, er, that's all I got so far.

The Good: I may not follow all the broad strokes of "Batman R.I.P.," but writer Grant Morrison has succeeded in enthralling me with the unfolding mystery. And that's the beauty of Morrison. His work is complicated, but full of big ideas. His over-the-top concepts draw you in and force you to keep turning the pages ... even when you're not exactly sure what you're reading. In an industry full of paint-by-the-numbers writers, Morrison dares to present work that makes your mind work. Sure, I'm not in love with his writing on Final Crisis, but his Batman stuff keeps me interested.

The Bad: I'm not blown away by Tony Daniel's art. His drawings aren't ugly, but his design work is a little uninspired. The leader of the Black Glove, for instance, sports a costume that makes him look silly instead of scary.

The Verdict: I'm not digging the art in this issue, but the story -- while complex -- is engrossing. This arc is thick, but I'm gonna stick with it.

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