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Review: Clicks & Whistles' Serious Bidness

Embassy Recordings; Release date: Sept. 17, 2012



Considering the vast realms of electronic music and the quickness of trends, producers are constantly experimenting with their sounds to keep up with the rapid demands of fans. As more and more genre lines are blurred, reviewers and listeners find it harder to categorize new releases. Charlotte's Clicks & Whistles (Jorge Hernandez and Petey Evans) are forward-thinking genre defiers. If you expect them to fall into a single pigeonhole, you are definitely in for a rude awakening.

The Serious Bidness EP is a quick foray into new trends — for the time being, let's call it trap-hop-bass-step. Listening to the duo's production, you can tell the two are influenced by their Dirty South surroundings. Equipped with prominent bass lines, crisp, chatty snares and hi-hats on the 16ths and triplets, the feeling of hip-hop is most certainly there. Juxtaposed with those elements are melodic transient strings, whose chord structures and movement hint at the randomness of Radiohead. "Hundred Mil" is a perfect example of this, modulating its key structure to fuse together with the rap sample of Project Pat's "Ride And Swerve."

Clicks & Whistles excel as beat makers, but keep in mind, that's what the essence of this EP is — great beats, but not necessarily intricate songs. Freestylers, wordsmiths and trap enthusiasts should take note, as each song on the EP is a great backdrop to add fluid verbiage to. Whether you like to dance, flow or just chill out, Serious Bidness is worth checking out.

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