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Rest In Peace, Tyra McRae


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Tyra McRae was murdered on August the 18th, She was a substance abuse counselor at Anuvia Prevention and Recovery and worked as at Florence Crittenton Home with young girls. She was amazing.  Words can alone not explain how special this young lady was, there were too few words or I did not know how to articulate everything on paper. I am submitting what Florence Crittenton wrote along with what I have written. I have attached a picture of her supporting a friend of Breonna Taylor.  

I wanted to call her, and I couldn't. She was a true friend, laughing and sharing life moments.  There are secretes I know Tyra took with her to heaven. She loved trying new foods from different cultures. She loved life. She worked hard two jobs, attained her NC Substance abuse credentials. When she attended Winthrop, she was on the Dean's list. She served in the Navy. When she bought a gift,  you can tell she put some thought into it. She loved helping on every Christmas; she volunteered on a program that provided gifts for families in need.  She loved her family, her daughter loved KPOP, and she traveled overseas and took her daughter to a KPOP concert. She loved animals, even gave my dog gifts.  Tyra was fancy nails, fancy hair with a Hollywood personality. Tyra represented single mothers that attained her goals to provide a life for her daughter. Tyra was working with NACA to purchase a home. Tyra was continuously growing professionally and as a woman. As a colleague, she was a team player,  you see Tyra bringing one of her diva wigs given to a transvestite client or encouraging another client not to give up or show up in support for a friend. Tyra did not judge race, religion, a title she treated everyone the same and did not play herself small. That was Tyra's gift, she loved to paint,   a great listener, and communicator.  Tyra was from Clio, South Carolina, and had a Hollywood personality. Tyra is missed by her family and the community.



Article from Florence Crittenton Home.  

It is with a heavy heart that we inform you that our FCS family is mourning the sudden and tragic death of one of our dear team members, Tyra McRae. 

Even though we deal with trauma every day, we don’t expect one of our own staff members to be a victim.

Tyra has worked on our Residential Team for over three and a half years. A dedicated and compassionate human service professional, Tyra was always there for our residents with a smile, laughter, and encouragement.  She worked across all three of our programs and was uniquely able to develop meaningful relationships with clients of all ages and backgrounds. On any given day you could find Tyra rocking an infant in Sarah’s House in the morning, engaging in meaningful conversations with maternity clients at lunch, and mentoring and working on life skills with Legacy Hall clients in the evening. Just Monday Tyra was here to support our Legacy Hall girls on their first day of school.

Tyra's versatility was highly valued by everyone here. Her ability to connect with clients, even those who put up the biggest walls, was amazing to witness. When a client wouldn't open up to anyone else on staff, we knew we could call on Tyra to engage them. A common refrain heard from clients over and over was "Is Miss Tyra here?" "When will Miss Tyra be here?" "I don't want to talk until Miss Tyra gets here."

Tyra touched many lives at FCS, both the clients she served as well as her teammates. She will be missed tremendously. Our hearts go out to Tyra's family, friends, and loved ones.

Rest In Peace




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