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Repo Men: Manufacturer defect



Not to be confused with 1984's dissimilar Repo Man but easily able to be mixed up with 2008's identically plotted Repo! The Genetic Opera, Repo Men mostly plays like an uninspired rip-off of Logan's Run plus Brazil plus Total Recall plus Monty Python's The Meaning of Life plus ... well, I could do this all day.

Suffice it to say that there's little here to excite anyone except maybe the gorehounds. A futuristic saga with more blood than brains, this centers on Remy (Jude Law), whose career as a repo man for a company called The Union means that whenever someone falls behind on their payments for the mechanical organs keeping them healthy, it's his job to track the person down and forcibly remove the expensive piece of hardware by any means necessary (as expected, the client often doesn't survive the procedure). Like any good citizen of our country, Remy only cares about things that directly affect him, so it's only after he's injured and subsequently outfitted with a new heart he can't afford that he thinks, "Hey, maybe what I've been doing to people isn't so nice!" No kidding. Now equipped with a self-serving conscience, he finds himself on the run, being chased by his partner and best friend, Jake (Forest Whitaker).

Whitaker's inventive performance is an asset, but Repo Men, based on Eric Garcia's novel The Repossession Mambo, isn't able to take its potentially provocative storyline past the alternately silly, lazy and illogical scripting by Garrett Lerner and Garcia himself. To be sure, there are moments of inspiration (the child surgeon, for example), but for the most part, here's another piece of clunky sci-fi hardware that could use an overhaul.

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