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Remembering Stuart

A personal tribute to a local celebrity



You know Stuart Grasberg's voice.

For years, Stuart, a senior producer and director at WTVI, did most of the voice-over announcements for the station. His smooth tones were neither too deep nor too "boomy" -- it was a voice you would trust.

What you might not know is that as an award-winning documentary filmmaker, Stuart celebrated a wide range of local talent in his work. He was also an accomplished guitar player who wrote his own music.

Most important, Stuart, who passed away last week after a severe allergic reaction to yellow jacket stings, was a dear husband to Mary and a proud dad of Ben.

He often said I was his first non-work friend in Charlotte -- we met at a show by a band called the Noise Boys in September of 1986. Over the years, we saw lots of great music together, from pop/rock with Don Dixon to the piano stylings of our mutual friend Loonis McGlohon.

I can see Stuart sitting across the table during lunch, pushing up his glasses and talking -- he could be intense. He was always animated when he was in the thick of a documentary project. Because we both worked within the arts community, we often talked about the frustrations of working in a city that rarely celebrates its artists.

As a storyteller in the grand tradition, Stuart knew that stories should, above all, be about people. His enthusiasm and dedication to his craft -- whether he was telling a story through a song or a documentary -- will continue to inspire us all.

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