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Other parts of the country are beginning to see what we've known here in the Charlotte area for a long, long time: Concord indie-pop-grass avatars the Avett Brothers are one of the best live acts going. Like so many other trios before them -- from the Osbourne Brothers to the Jimi Hendrix Experience; the Bee Gees to Hüsker Dü -- Scott and Seth Avett and Bob Crawford just got dat special chemistry. Must be the coffee. In honor all those "pretty girl" songs the Avetts do -- "Pretty Girl from Raleigh," "Pretty Girl from Matthews," "Pretty Girl at the Airport" -- we got Scott to talk about a handful of pretty cool stuff that doesn't involve girls.

Here's what he came up with:

1. Pretty Artist from Italy. "My favorite pastime while traveling is reading and learning about Michelangelo Merisi, the painter known as Caravaggio."

2. Pretty Violinist from Chicago. "My favorite new 'well known' record is Andrew Bird's Andrew Bird and The Mysterious Production of Eggs."

3. Pretty Band from Tennessee. "My favorite discovery of late is half-way there: electricity & the South, by the Everybody Fields, a band from Johnson City, TN.

4. Pretty Drug from Latin America. "I am really into drinking coffee and lots of it."

5. Pretty Canines from Concord. "I am also really into my dogs, Hud, the Doberman, and Penny, the Goldendoodle."

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