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Ramona Holloway

Radio show host



You may spend your drive home listening to the sound of Ramona Holloway's voice (along with her partner-in-crime Matt Harris on The Matt & Ramona Show), but do you know the woman behind the mic?

"Matt and I were recruited to Charlotte as a team and had worked together before. We were really different, but our senses of humor were on point." So on point that Ramona left her previous position as a news director to become a radio personality in Charlotte.

"I love doing the Matt and Ramona Show, but I wanted an opportunity to talk about my faith ... The Satisfied Life [her faith-based Sunday morning broadcast, which she co-hosts with Sharon Decker and Pam Stone] is about heart issues. The Matt & Ramona Show is not a spiritual show – this is. The Satisfied Life is a different perspective, an inclusive, non-finger-pointing spiritual show."

"My big, big, big dream is for the Satisfied Life Network ( to be a whole network of programming that is not only fun but uplifting." Holloway says the goal is to do the kind of show that people feel good listening to.

Holloway's personal motto: "To go beyond surviving and thrive, and show other people they can thrive, too. Thriving is finding something to celebrate. Thriving is not just living but living in the moment."

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