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Quotes of the Week


"It takes two to tango." -- Mecklenburg County Commissioner Norman Mitchell on whether 14-year-old girls and 40-year-old men having sex -- officially known as statutory rape -- should be a concern for the county's health committee, which he chairs. Mitchell made the comment during an angry call to CL to complain about a column that criticized him for his lack of concern about statutory rape.

"What kind of neighborhood is this?" -- Landsdowne resident Mildred Martin, reacting to a city notice telling her and her husband they needed to cut their grass. The Martins have lived in Landsdowne 30 years. The woman who called the city to complain has lived three doors down for 41 years.

"When you tired like I am, you start thinking like, 'I'm gonna cap the next motherfucker that come through here.'" -- A fast-food drive-through employee, last week in Charlotte.

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