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Quickie comic reviews: Chew, Destroyer and more



I read a ton of comics every week; however, I don't have a ton of time to review a lot of books in-depth. That said, here are a few quickie-style takes on comics I picked up last week:

Chew No. 3 -- Chew is still a tasty-ass comic. Buy it. Buy it. Buy it.

Justice League: Cry For Justice No. 2 -- Though it's peppered with a few corny moments, the second issue of this limited series reads better than the first. Now, the art is (and was last issue) amazing ... but the story is still moving a tad bit slow.

Destroyer No. 4 and 5 -- I hope that fans of Robert Kirkman read this five-issue series; it's everything you could ask for from the writer: extreme violence, copious amounts of blood, profanity ... and love. (Yes, love!) The art, by Cory Walker, is stunning ... oh, and the comic features one of the best endings to a series I've read in years.

The Hangman No. 1 -- Part of DC's Red Circle comic line, The Hangman really isn't anything you haven't seen in a superhero book before. I won't be buying the ongoing series when it starts in a few months.

Superman: World of New Krypton No. 6 -- It's an engrossing book, but it leaves me wondering: Is there anything good about living on New Krypton? Seems to suck being a Kryptonian.

Agents of Atlas No. 9 -- I'd never read this comic, so I decided to pick it up. Well, I found it incredibly unreadable. Clumsy dialogue, uninteresting situations and not a lot of needed exposition. Bleck!

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