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It's a study that only comes out once every five years, but it's worth noting because it shows just how we "consume" media and how that keeps changing. It's called the Roper Media Comparison study, and it charts how often we're tuning in, reading or surfing various types of media. In 2005, Roper finds that TV reaches 94 percent of American adults. Radio is next with 73 percent, followed by newspapers, the Internet, and magazines. It also shows that people spend an average of 272 minutes with television each day, 122 minutes with radio, 73 minutes with the Internet (way up from the year 2000), and only 28 minutes with a daily newspaper.

Advertisers trying to find you look closely at the numbers, but 272 minutes of TV a day? Maybe on a rainy weekend, but man, that's a lot.

With a story as big as UNC making the NCAA hoops finals, you'd expect the CBS affiliate in North Carolina's biggest city to hit the road to St. Louis to cover it. As a CBS affiliate, you get a little better media access during March Madness, and it's a story that millions are talking about. Think again. WBTV's sports department sat home, while WSOC-TV and News 14 Carolina had staff in St. Louis for the Big Dance. Can't fathom why WBTV would opt not to go, but it points once again to the stations's ongoing, slow de-emphasis on sports.

SPANNING THE GLOBE: A couple of "say-what's?" as I flipped through The Charlotte World religious newspaper other day. One was a featured "thumbs up" for Scott Heldreth of Kannapolis, who allowed his 10 year-old son to be arrested in Florida at the Terri Schiavo circus. Thumbs up?! Turns out Heldreth is a registered sex offender in Florida.

The same publication also ran an ad for Danny Fontana's radio show which is running in TV form on iLifeTV, a digital channel from the INSP Network. I wasn't aware that Fontana was "Charlotte's most popular radio personality", as the ad states.

The Charlotte World featured a "thumbs up" for Scott Heldreth, who allowed his 10 year-old son to be arrested at the Terri Schiavo circus. Heldreth is a registered sex offender in Florida.

CHANGES WITHIN Some changes at the top are on the way at CL, as longtime editor John Grooms is making a transition in order to get back to actual writing, something editors don't get to do much. They usually just have to beat their columnists into shape on a daily basis, and deal with those fun calls and letters calls from readers and the like.

Grooms will move to a new Senior Editor position as soon as a new Chief Editor is hired for the paper, and those will be big shoes to fill.

Stay tuned.

Shannon Reichley is an independent television producer and former news manager at WBTV. Her latest project, "Home Makers," premieres on the Turner South cable network April 11. E-Mail at [email protected].

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